Welcome to the Cousley Flock
Wool is the most useful and versatile fibre known to man. It has inherent properties of insulation against heat and cold. It is hard wearing and long lasting. The Jacob sheep has brown/black and white wool. Each fleece is totally unique with its amount of dark wool compaired with white wool.

Our flock of pedigree Jacob sheep began in 1994 when we received membership to the Jacob Sheep Society as a wedding present complete with two one-year-old females. One of the females is still with us today, although now retired! The majority of our flock are kept at Coulsey Wood, Wadhurst, East Sussex.

The fleece from the Cousley Flock of Jacob Sheep produces hand knitting yarn, hand woven fleece rugs, blankets and throws in fine wholly natural colour ways, as well as some luxury blends including mohair, sink and alpaca. The finest fleeces are selected for hand spinning.